Your land is a mirror-black, spiked ball from first appearance, with dizzying plains of LCDirt flickering in their reds, greens, and blues that blend together to form the illusion of pictures. 256 elongated spires, each of varying lengths but of the same width (roughly 1 meter in diameter, but several meters to several tens of kilometers tall) dot the landscape, jutting outward like the spines of a porcupine. These impossibly inflexible poles are the tuning forks of your land, with each one corresponding to at least two others. Your land is a massive puzzle - finding the button that plunges one spire in the ground will usually raise two others, maybe three, sometimes dozens, as well as changing the alignments up and down of various others seemingly randomly.

Your consorts are the Porcupines, little shrouded figures that venerate their poles, with the planet’s hierarchy determined by the poles’s height. Each pole will broadcast parts of an image to the LCDirt around it, and the image will change with the height of the pole - it is these images that the Porcupines take as holy scripture.

Your Denizen is Janus, the god of doors. He remains idle in the core of your land - the only way to access him without cheating is by finding the correct alignment of rods that shoves each and every one of the 256 rods into the ground, piercing Janus’s heart 256 times over and presenting you with the grist hoard. There is no legitimate way to converse with your Denizen, but if you somehow make your way into his chamber before killing him, he will present you with a Solution.

You may take the Solution, if the puzzle of the Land proves too much for your brain to compute, but Janus will ask of a Solution from you, and there are some questions that you can never answer to a Denizen’s satisfaction.

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Thanks goes to dilettanteMathematician for coming up with a way to implement the puzzle such that all images are viewable :) :) :)
Note, the ORIGINAL LORAS is here: SBURBSim.