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So have you ever gotten interested in a friend's project, and then thought "Oh look, there's a small thing I can help them with! It should only take a few minutes, even!" And a few weeks later you found yourself using all of your spare time to work on the project?


Anyway, I'm karmicRetribution, Smith of Dream (because this project is all about self-indulgent OC antics), and I put together the vast majority of the images for the Sburb Story Generator and OC Generator. See here for a list of sources for sprites, etc. Sprites have been re-sized, re-colored, and occasionally entirely redrawn so that they could be pulled apart into individual pieces and fed to the rendering engine. A couple of things I drew from scratch, like the human babies.

If you want to contact me, just send your message to and let her know you have a question/comment/rude remark for karmicRetribution. It'll get to me.