>Boggle Vacantly At These Shenanigans

SBURBSim is a fanmade browser simulation of a game called "SBURB", from the popular webcomic Homestuck, which destroys a planet and allows the survivors to attempt to achieve godhood and create a Universe.

The "Things You Can Do" pile never stops from getting taller.

> Observe A Random Session
  • There are more than 4,294,967,296 different possible sessions!
  • Rare sessions allow you to go back in time to alter them.
  • > Meddle With a Session
  • Choose how players look, their claspects, their interests, and even their species.
  • Change the number of players in a session.
  • Copy your customized character or entire sessions and share them with your friends.
  • > Search for Rare Sessions.
  • The AuthorBot is Math% guaranteed to find you the weirdest sessions.
  • > Admire Fan Original Characters
  • Shove fan characters into the simulator and watch events transpire.
  • > Become Enlightened
  • What could this mean??? Is it...a RIDDLE??? Yes. Yes it is.
  • > Join Discord.
  • Meme to your heart's content.